William Lemeiux (born October 13,1975) was a Canadian-British professional wrestler. He is the step-cousin of Triple D. He wrestled under the name William Lemeiux. His career as a professional wrestler lasted from 1994-2007.

In WrestlingEdit

Signature MovesEdit


    • British Wrestling Society>(1994-1997)
  • BWS Heavyweight Title (3x)
  • BWS British Title (2x)
  • BWS Over Seas Title (2x)
  • Fourth Triple Crown Champion (1x)
  • Championships (8x)
    • Corporation of Hardcore Wrestling>(1998-2007)
  • CHW: Rookie of the Month (6x)
  • CHW: Legend of the Future (5x)
  • CHW: Rookie of the Year (1x)
  • Accomplishments (12x)
    • CHW HOF Inductee
  • Class of 2008


William Lemeiux died of a heart attack while in a movie threater after having no history of heart attacks before his death. He died July 7, 2007 at the age of 31. He was watching a British Movie at 1am.