Drew Roode
Ring name(s) Warrior
Drew Roode
Born Niagara Falls,Canada
Nickname(s) "Aztec" Warrior
Rudest One
Canadian Enforcer
Turned: face
Resides Daxserta,Canada
Billed From Empire of Aztecs
Trained by Rick Rude
Entrance Music "Aztecs Empire" by El Mexicana
PPV Record: 3-1

Drew Roode (born July 8,1974) is a Canadian professional wrestler from Ottawa, Ontario,Canada. He is the brother of TNA's Robert Roode. He currently works for Excel Wrestling Action! under the ring name "Aztec" Warrior.

In WrestlingEdit

Finishing MovesEdit

Signature MovesEdit


Corporation of Hardcore WrestlingEdit

  • CHW Championship (2x)
  • WETT Championship(2x)-with Chris Risten(1x)
  • WHW Championship
  • Championships (5x)

Excel Wrestling Action!Edit

  • World Heavyweight Championship-(1x)
  • World Tag Team Championship-(1x)-with Triple D-(1x)


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