Federation Name WARS
Abbreviation WARS
Shows WARS
Time open July 8, 2008 - Present
Owner Corporation of Hardcore Wrestling
Originally Based In Winnipeg, Quebec,Canada
Shows Perfomed and Broadcast Worldwide
Federation Type High-Flyer Wrestling
Pay-Per-Views Monthly
Forums www.Rock Hard
Developmental Federation

WARS is a professional wrestling Brand of the Corporation of Hardcore Wrestling that is now in developement and is scheduled to debut July 8, 2008. WARS is going to be a professional wrestling Brand where only High Flyers are aloud. WARS also plans to have its own championships and PPV's.


  • WARS Championship
  • High-Flyers Championship
  • WARS Tag Team Championship

Title HoldersEdit

WARS RosterEdit

WARS Tag TeamsEdit

  • The X-Boyz X-Rayman,X-Man
  • The Extremists Andrew & Christian Williams
  • The Knight Riders Gregory & Bayton Knight
  • The Stormers William & Chris Storm

Speciality MatchesEdit

These matches where invented and named in Extreme Championship Wrestling:

  • Flaming Tables Match-To win a wrestler has to put his opponent/ opponents through a flaming table.
  • Barbed Fire Match-The barbed wire ring ropes are set on fire. Only way to win is by pin.
  • Glass House Match
  • Dog Pound Match- 4 dogs are chaned to corners of Hell in a Cell. A cage is in the ring with no door. To win you have to climb out of the cage, avoid the dogs and escape through the door of the cell.
  • Hangman's Horror match-has dog collars hung on the ring ropes. In order to win the match, a wrestler has to hang their opponent from one of the collars until they can no longer continue.
  • WARS Battle Match-10 wrestlers fight in a Reversal Battle Royal. The Winner is the last wrestler remaining outside the wrestling ring. The winner receives a title shot at any one of the 12 PPV's.