Razorball is a hybrid sport of soccer & basketball played on razors (scooters). The object of the sport is to put the mini soccer ball into the opponent's net.



Razorball is only played on concrete & players wear helmets & padding. The one goal is placed in each team's defending zone\ area & two are used in this sport. There is a free throw line, a three point line & a half court line.

Free Throw LineEdit

A player shoots the ball with one foot while keeping the other foot on the razor when a defensive or offensive player commits one of these fouls:

  • Defensive Fouls:
  • When a defender kicks or touches the other players kicking foot while that player attempts to score a goal.
  • When a defender knocks or pushes the other player off the razor while that player attempts to score a goal, pass the ball to a teammate, or just during the game when that offensive player is moving forwards or backwards.
  • Offensive Fouls:
  • When an offensive player blocks or guards a defensive player & keeps that defensive player from blocking a shoot or attempting a steal.

Three Point LineEdit

If an offensive or defensive player shoots the ball while keeping one foot on the razor from behind the three point line & puts the ball in the opponents goal.


If an offensive or defensive player takes his non-kicking foot off the razor while having possession of the ball or while catching or attempting a pass from another teammate.