CHW: Night of Wars or CHW: Night of Champions is the first video game ever made by the Corporation of Hardcore Wrestling. On June 5,2008 a sequel of this video game called CHW: Night of Legends and another video game was announced on June 6, 2008 that a third game called CHW: Become a Legend will be coming out in 2010. This video game is available on the PS2 and the PS3.

CHW:Night of Wars RosterEdit

  • Derek Bryan (CHW Title Holder)
  • Drew Roode (WHW Title Holder)
  • Michael Jarrett (Hardcore Title Holder)
  • Brady Jarrett (Costume Belt Title Holder)
  • Ironman
  • Rock'n Joe'
  • Steven Cage
  • Scorpion King
  • Ryan Young
  • Sharkboy Jr.
  • Ghostman
  • Devilman
  • Byce Roode
  • Darin Kennedy
  • Dragonman
  • Bayton Knight
  • Tim McPhert
  • Viper
  • Henry Jax
  • Crazy Jack
  • Blue Goblin
  • Chris Risten
  • William Scott-Smith
    • Note: Wrestlers in Bold have to be unlocked.
Night of Champions ModeEdit

Night of Champions Mode is a Season Mode that replaces the regular Season Mode in other Wrestling Video Games. The Night of Champions Mode is a Season Mode where a player (person playing the game) takes control of a CHW Wrestler and tries to defeat a Champion to win the Belt or tries to defend the Title at one of CHW's six unlocked pay-per-views. Everytime the wrestler wins the belt or tries to the defend the Title and wins the Match that wrestler earns an amount of points which unlocks the CHW locked Wrestlers and unlocks the other six PPV's to be allowed to play in Night of Wars Mode. Here's the amount of points:

  • Win the CHW Championship (10%)or (10 PTS)
  • Win the WHW Championship (6%) or (06 PTS)
  • Win the Hardcore Championship (4%) or (04 PTS)
  • Defend the CHW Championship & win (8%) or (8 PTS)
  • Defend the WHW Championship & win (4%) or (4 PTS)
  • Defend the Hardcore Title & Win (2%) or (2 PTS)
  • Create a Costume Title Belt & Win or Defend it at a PPV (3.5%) or (3 PTS)
  • Note: 10,000 PTS unlocks the locked CHW Wrestlers and the locked CHW Match Types.
  • Ultimate X (2,500 PTS)
  • Diva's Cage (2,575 PTS)
  • King of the Mountain (2,600 PTS)
  • Electrified Steel Cage (2,700 PTS)
  • Inferno Match (4,000 PTS)
  • Ultimate Destruction Match (6,000 PTS)-
  • Note: The Ultimate Destruction Match is not a wrestling match, but instead the wrestlers drive around in cars and try to blow each other's cars up.
  • Diva's Mud Pit (8,000 PTS)
  • Wrestlers Unlocked (10,000 PTS)-(Must Buy)
  • Everything Unlocked (20,000 PTS)-(Don't have to Buy)
  • Infinite Money (25,750 PTS)