Corporation of Hardcore Wrestling Roster is a professional wrestling roster for the CHW Brand's of ExtremeDown! and Thunder Brand. Here's the Rosters:

  • ExtremeDown!:
    • Matthew Shields (Ottawa, Canada)>(Executioner)
    • Drew Roode (Ottawa, Canada)>(The Canadian Enforcer)
    • Ghostman (Parts Unknown)
    • Devilman (Depths of Hell)>(Hell's King)
    • Ironman (Parts Known)
    • Dragonman (Tokyo, Japan)
    • Michael Jarrett (Montreal, Canada)
    • Gregory Deed (Chicago, Illinois)>(The Outlaw)
    • Darin Rooky (Nashville, TN)> (The Music City Enforcer)
    • Famon Bantivous Irvine(FBI)>(Miami, Florida)
    • Bryce Young (Houston, TX)
    • Darin Kennedy (Austin, TX)
    • William Scott-Smith (Manchester, Great Britain)
    • Sobbo Fatu (The Japan Kingdom)>(The Japanese Killer)
    • Taguchi Fatu (The Japan Kingdom)>(The Japanese Enforcer)
    • Ryan Young (Houton, TX)
    • Knightman (Knight City Kingdom)>(The King's Enforcer)
    • Henry Smitherson(San Jose, California)
    • Sato Fatu (The Japan Kingdom)
    • Jackson Child (Chicago, IL.)
    • Brady Child (Chicago, IL.)
    • Jesse Smith (Charlotte, NC)
    • Elvis Smith (Charlotte, NC)
    • Freddy Davis (Winnipeg, Canada)
    • Darin Davis (Winnipeg, Canada)
    • Pathfinder (Path of Hope)
    • Ken Kingston (The Island of Jamaica)
    • Jaxson Kingston (The Island of Jamaica)
    • Rockman (Rock Vegas)
    • Scorpion King (The Scorpion Kingdom)
  • Sharkboy Jr. (Deep Blue Sea)
  • Chris Risten (Niagara Falls,Canada)
  • Tag Teams:
    • Team 4D (Chris Risten\Drew Roode)
    • World's Future (Sharkboy Jr.\Dragonman)
    • Japanese Killers(Sobbo Fatu\Taguchi Fatu)


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