Arena Dodgeball is a form of Professional Dodgeball. Arena Dodgeball was invented in the 1970's in the winter in Canada and was first taught in the United States in 1973.

Playing areaEdit

The playing area in Arena Dodgeball is played on a 84 feet hockey rink that gets covered with a lacrosse field. Soft protected Padding is placed on the walls of the lacrosse field.

The Center LineEdit

Ten dodgeballs are placed on the center line for dodgeballers to grab and throw at their opponents. The dodgeballs are put back on the center line after the quarter or the game ends.


How the Game startsEdit

The referee plows the whistle and players run towards the dodgeballs trying to get them before their opponents do. One of the players feet must be touching the back line.

Getting OutEdit

There are a few ways in Arena Dodgeball that a player can get out by their opponent or by themselves:

  • When the opponent gets hit by a dodgeball.
  • When the opponent gets hit by a dodgeball after that dodgeball hit the wall.
  • Catching a dodgeball from the opponent, the opponent is out.
  • Dropping a dodgeball from the opponent, the player who dropped the dodgeball is out.
  • Catching a dodgeball off a wall from an opponent, the opponent is out.
  • Stepping over the center line or out-of-bounds.
  • Marking an opponent, meaning when an opponent gets a target put on them from a targeter this eliminates them from the game. This new way of getting out was added in 2008.

Getting Back-InEdit

In Arena Dodgeball a player can come back in the game when a teammate subs out for that player or after a teammate catches a ball off the wall.